Integration of GST ID Validation system

As per GST regulations, for availing GST input credits, your GSTIN should be ‘Active.’ To comply with that we have integrated GSTID validation system in our billing platform. 


Please note that if the status of your Current GSTID is showing as Invalid/Suspended/Deleted, the same will be deleted from your profile and you will be required to update your Valid/Active GSTID in the Profile. 


Please note that as per the GST regulations till the time your GSTID status is showing as Invalid/Suspended/Deleted, all your transactions will be reported to us as B2C transactions and you will not be able to claim the GST Input credit in relation to the transactions carried during the period your GSTIN status Invalid/Suspended/deleted.  


For availing the GST Input credit, you will be required to update your Valid/Active GSTID in your Reseller/Customer Profile. Please verify your GSTIN status from the GST portal before updating your profile. 


How do I add/update my GST ID? 
You can add/update your GST ID from your Motherhost Account by clicking on the profile icon at the top right corner of the page and then clicking on Account Details You can then enter your GST ID in the provided Taxt ID field. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

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